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The ABPJF is an association that works economically and socially for women:


  1. Collection and treatment of almost 5000 tonnes shea nuts

  2. The production of 300 tons of organic butter and 380 tons of conventional shea butter;

  3. The transformation of 35,000 balls of soap (bath and laundry); 5000 pots of ointment and 2000 tubes of cream etc ...

  4. The collection of 80 tonnes of neem seeds and the transformation of 800 liters of neem oil;

  5. The collection of 300 tons of sesame seeds a year.

  6. 300 tons of organic almonds ESR (Fair Trade Certified)

  7. 1500 tons of conventional almonds


  1. Conventional shea butter average of 500 tonnes per year;

  2.  The organic shea butter an average of 100 tonnes per year;

  3. Neem seeds: about 200 tonnes per year;

  4. The transformation of 2000 liters of neem oil per year

  5. Sesame approximately: 100 ton per year.

 Literacy and training

  1.  Opening an annual average of ten (10) initial literacy centers in the province of Kadiogo with an average of 300 students who receive lessons with a success rate of 95%

  2. Opening of an annual average of eight (8) training centers in which 240 students study with a success rate of 92%;

  3. Nearly 60 women receive two types of training techniques and with an annual success rate of 100%;

  4. Twenty (20) girls are trained in cutting / sewing and embroidery.