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The Burkinabe Association for the Promotion of Young Women "ABPJF" was created in 1995 and officially recognized in 1998. It is a national association and covers 12 out of 45 provinces in Burkina Faso. The ABPJF adheres to the statute and rules of the General Assembly and has an Executive Board. A coordination unit located in Ouagadougou coordinates all activities. The headquarters are built in an area of 4 705m². This space is where all the products from the provinces are stored. A team of 80 women conduct the shea butter treatment, filtration, packaging, etc. An export management unit was created in the association to facilitate the various formalities related to this activity. The association seeks the services of some engineers and other consultants on purely technical aspects.

The Burkinabe Association for the Advancement of Young Women (ABPJF) is a member of two networks.


 A club that brings together and organizes organic Shea butter (CPBKB) producers and their member associations to coordinate production.

The club consists only of women (3 associations, producers formed in 1176, 23 tonnes in 2004, 18 in 2005 and 56 in 2006), and is dedicated to the elimination of risks associated with the use of chemicals on human beings’ health and the environment. The club operates in a territory of 8943.4 hectares of organic land area, 362,095 trees have identified and certified.

Founded in 2003, the club is positioned in the organic production and sale of organic products including shea butter based BIOKARITE.

Faced with market requirements on shea butter products, the bio club of Burkina Faso has undertaken to produce and to market nationally and internationally the butter of the highest quality and this led to structure international certification.


The UPROKA is a national apex organization, in 14 provinces and has currently spread throughout Burkina Faso. Created in 2004, is part of the UPROKA institutional organization of the food chain, oilseeds and raw products. It includes 4500 women divided into three links:

  1. Link to the collection and distribution of shea nuts;

  2. Link in the production of shea butter;

  3. Link of the butter transformation products (cosmetic soap, ointment, cream, liquid soap, shampoo...)

UPROKA is interested in strengthening local capacities and organizational groups of women producers at the base.