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 The Burkinabe Association for the Advancement of Young Women (ABPJF) is an association of women created on September 8, 1998. The idea came from a group of women concerned about the problems of poverty faced by young women in Burkina Faso. So they started by processing of shea nuts. This activity received national support. Located in over 15 provinces, ABPJF has 1500 members organized in groups.



The objectives of the association are:


  1. Education and the training of young women to encourage self- awareness in order to become self sufficient economically, socially and culturally;

  2. Promotion of income-generating activities for young women particularly in the transformation of local products.

  3. Reinforcement of the women’s capacity in basic education in order to help them in their development process and improve their living conditions;

  4. Mastering the women’s ability to solve problems they encounter daily;

  5. Assisting women in their daily lives, especially in the development of literacy skills.